Frequently Asked Questions

You can cancel 24 hours before the tour for a full refund. If we cancel the tour we will refund you 100%. If you need to cancel within 24 hours please call us. Unfortunately if you simply don’t show up and don’t call we will have to charge your credit card.

If the weather is bad we will do one of two things. If we know it will be unsafe or poor condition the day before the tour, we will try and contact our guests the night before to either relocate the tour or reschedule to another day. If the weather is bad the morning of the tour and we can’t do it, we will try and contact the guests that morning.

Considering we offer completely weather dependent tours, we rarely have to cancel our trips. From time to time we have big waves or strong winds that force us to make some decisions. We have an honesty first policy though so we take the time to call guests before the trip if the weather is bad and talk options with them ranging from simply moving locations to rescheduling days.

We combine paddling and snorkeling on our kayak tours so that we paddle to a snorkeling spot, drop anchor and snorkel from our kayaks, getting in and out of our boats from the water. We do not land during our tours, but don’t worry, as we like to say, getting in and out of the kayaks is more entertaining than challenging! Although we never guarantee anything, turtles are a huge part of our tours but also lots of fish and reef life!

From December 15th through May 15th Maui’s waters become the North Pacific Marine Whale Sanctuary when we get thousands of humpbacks migrating for mating and birthing purposes. We run kayak whale watches typically from late December through mid April when we have the best chance to encounter them from our shores.

We provide water and fresh cut Maui gold pineapple on all of our tours! We specialize in eco-friendly tourism and can recommend lots of great places to eat but we don’t handle food on the beach and do not have a certified kitchen to be able to do so. Just snacks for us!

Of course! We have double kayaks so kids can be paired up with an adult. If you’re unsure about your child’s abilities then please give us a call to discuss. The youngest we allow on our 3 hour tours is 5 years old and 10 year olds on the 4 hour tours.

Pretty much everything except tax and gratuity. We include all the gear, refreshments and a quality guide throughout the experience.

Basically location. Makena is on the south side in the heart of turtle town with rocky outcroppings and fantastic views of Haleakala. It offers maximum protection from the wind in the mornings as well and has been a guide favorite for years. Olowalu is over on the west side and is an expansive fringe reef where there are numerous turtles also. “Olo” can be a little more subjected to the wind however from time to time.

We provide life jackets that we are required to paddle in. If you would like to wear your life jacket snorkeling then you are more than welcome to as they make great flotation devices.

You should bring a towel, sunglasses, water, sunscreen, a long sleeve rash guard if you have one and a hat. Aloha Kayaks strives to be an Eco friendly business (see About Us) and we recommend using rash guards, hats and reusable water bottles when possible. We also carry a dry bag so you can bring phones, wallets, and keys as well. Please show up wearing swimsuits and water friendly shoes (flip flops are fine).

We use kayaks made by Ocean Kayaks which are the industry standard for touring kayaks. We use the sit on top Malibu 2 variety. These kayaks are perfect for our tours as they are big and stable, plus they’re easy to get in and out of when you want to snorkel.

Cool, email us at and we’ll respond as soon as we can.