Originally from Western Maryland, Peter has been a Maui resident and tour guide since 2002. Growing up in the Appalachian Mountains he was an avid hiker, climber and skier but developed a love for the water after frequent visits to the Atlantic Ocean as a kid.

As a young adult he was drawn to Maui where he learned to surf and scuba dive. Leading tours and becoming a certified scuba instructor was a natural progression from there. Over the years he has guided and led tours for many of the tour companies here.

Peter’s love for the ocean and knowledge of the area make for a memorable, educational experience for the first time visitor or local resident alike!


Raised in the foothills of South Carolina, Griff cultivated an appreciation for the outdoors at a very young age. He honed his water skills sailing, kayaking, fishing and water skiing at a small lake in the NC mountains.

In 2001 he nearly died after contracting malaria on a trip to West Africa. It was that experience that led him to grab his backpack, two surf boards and a ticket to Maui. He immediately felt at home here and hasn’t left!

He loves sharing his knowledge and passion for Hawaiian ecology and culture with every guest on his trips and spent many years working at wilderness education programs for high school kids.

At Aloha Kayaks Maui our mission is to protect our oceans for future generations by operating a sustainable tourism business whilst providing educational adventures to help promote the protection of our oceans.

Green Paddling Blue Water was created to represent our two core values of sustainability and education. Green Paddling signifies the eco-friendly, sustainable business we strive to create. And Blue Water represents the ocean that we aim to educate people to respect and protect.

To minimize human impact on Maui’s fragile ecosystems we use non-motorized boats, reusable water bottles and clean our gear with earth friendly products. We don’t drop our anchors on the reef, feed fish or remove marine life from their homes for “show and tell”. See our FAQ page for tips on how to ‘leave no trace’ .

After a morning on the water with Aloha Kayaks Maui not only will you have enhanced kayaking skills but we hope you will have a greater understanding of ocean etiquette and how to protect our oceans for future generations. We hope to see you here in Maui soon!


Mikey is originally from the San Francisco Bay Area of California. Growing up near the beach Mikey became an avid surfer and keen water man from a young age. Mikey joined the Aloha Kayaks team as a guide in 2015. He loves Maui and its people and has completed a number of courses on Hawaiian culture and language.


Jamey is originally from Texas but has been in Hawaii since 2013 when he commenced a marine biology degree at the University of Hawaii in Oahu. Jamey has always loved being on the water. He has experience working on private sailing boats and is also an incredible surfer, free diver and spear fisherman.


Michelle is our head guide and is originally from Front Range Colorado. Although she grew up far from the ocean Michelle has always been an outdoors lover and worked as a guide for whitewater rafting and zip lining before moving to Hawaii in 2012. She joined the Aloha Kayaks team two years later and been here ever since.